Yingkou: Build an aluminum processing industry cluster to boost development

The history of the development of Yingkou’s aluminum industry is an extension of the local pillar industry.

The origin of the aluminum industry in Yingkou can be traced back to the 1980s, where China’s civil construction aluminum profile factory-Yingkou Aluminum Factory was born. At the beginning of its establishment, Yingkou Aluminum Material Factory introduced Japanese equipment, craftsmanship, and technology. With excellent technology and good product quality, the door and window profiles they produce are popular all over the country.

With economic development and increased market demand, various small and medium-sized aluminum processing enterprises have opened up, such as Liaoning Tuotian Aluminum Co., Ltd., Liaoning Yongzhuang Aluminum Plastic Group Co., Ltd., Yingkou Donglin Group Company, and Yingkou Changtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. Companies such as the company are typical representatives, spontaneously forming a regional gathering in Dashiqiao. These companies enjoy a high reputation in the aluminum profile industry in the Northeast.

In 2011, Yingkou City ushered in an important node in the development of the aluminum industry, and vigorously introduced Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd., a comprehensive aluminum industry in China, and settled in the coastal industrial base. Subsequently, Zhongwang Group successively established Yingkou Zhongwang Aluminum Co., Ltd., Zhongwang (Yingkou) High Precision Aluminum Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhongwang Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Liaoning Zhongwang Aluminum Formwork Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etc., with a total investment of several 10 billion yuan, to build the “Project with an annual output of 890,000 tons of high-precision aluminum and processed materials”, “Project with an annual output of 600,000 tons of high-strength large-section aluminum alloy extruded materials”, and “Project with an annual output of 1.2 million tons of plate, strip and foil and its supporting raw materials” “And other series of projects. The implementation of these projects has directly raised the level of the aluminum industry in Yingkou City to the top, creating a brand new name card of “Yingkou Aluminum”.

In September 2018, Yingkou strongly promoted the construction of “four bases and one center” and established the aluminum industry base construction and development center. Taking the city’s aluminum industry center as the main body for the development of the aluminum industry, Yingkou is accelerating the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise, focusing on the extension, supplementation, strengthening, and construction of the aluminum industry, aiming at “high, precise, and cutting-edge” projects, recruiting big and strong, and focusing on To create an industrial agglomeration effect, an industrial cluster based on Yingkou Zhongwang has been initially formed, and it has shifted from a high-speed growth stage to a development stage.

In 2020, there will be 36 aluminum industry enterprises above designated size in Yingkou City, with an industrial output value of 22.99 billion yuan, accounting for 11.7% of the city; 15 aluminum industry construction projects, with a fixed asset investment of 5.81 billion yuan, accounting for 13% of the city. The aluminum industry in Yingkou City covers the main industrial chain links of electrolytic aluminum-aluminum processing-downstream fine and deep processing, and has formed a medium that mainly focuses on deep processing such as aluminum casting, aluminum extrusion, aluminum rolling to auto parts, aluminum doors and windows, etc. In the downstream industry chain, the upstream high-precision aluminum production capacity is 860,000 tons, the aluminum extrusion capacity is more than 450,000 tons, the supporting mold production capacity is more than 80,000 sets, the door and window processing capacity is about 3 million square meters, and the castings are 43,000 pieces. The production capacity of the plate, strip and foil project currently under construction is 1.2 million tons.

During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, Yingkou City’s aluminum industry will focus on building five major sectors, including automotive lightweighting, rail transit, civil aluminum, strip and foil and downstream products, and functional aluminum materials, to promote the agglomeration and development of auxiliary materials and equipment and other supporting industries. Form a characteristic aluminum processing industry cluster with industrial ecology and cooperation conditions. By 2025, Yingkou will strive to achieve a new output value of 30 billion yuan in the aluminum industry, and a total output value of about 55 billion yuan. It will initially establish an aluminum processing industry cluster with important influence and strong competitiveness at home and abroad, and promote the traditional industrial industry to a new type. Industrialization is upgraded and transformed to create an upgraded version of the industrial industry.

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