The Export-Import Bank of China and Yunxi deepen exchanges and cooperation

Author: Wang Zhi
On July 27, Cong Haijin, Deputy General Manager of the Review Management Department of the Export-Import Bank of China, and Diao Xianhong, President of Yunnan Branch, visited Yunxi Holding Company to deepen exchanges and cooperation between the two parties.
Cong Haijin and his entourage visited the exhibition hall with the theme of “Leading by Party Building and Writing Brilliant by Tin”. Li Yunfang, director of the Party Committee Work Department of Yunxi Holding Company, introduced the design concept and rich connotation of the theme exhibition hall around the five major sections of party building culture, clean culture, group culture, safety culture, and leadership care. Later, I went to the tin material company and visited the tin wire division, tin powder division, BGA division and other production sites to learn more about the production process, product application, and industry prospects of tin deep-processed products.
At the symposium, Cheng Ruihan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice Chairman and General Manager of Yunxi Holding Company, thanked the Export-Import Bank of China for its strong support to Yunxi. He pointed out that Yuntin has experienced 138 years of development, and its reserves of tin and indium resources rank first in the world, and it is the only full-industry chain enterprise in the global tin industry. At present, Yunxi is closely focusing on the functional positioning of “one platform, one group”, unswervingly focusing on the main tin industry, increasing resources expansion, strengthening the deep processing sector, and striving to become the tin industry industrial chain, supply chain, value chain, and innovation The “chain owner” of the chain has stabilized and improved its operations. It is hoped that the two sides will continue to deepen exchanges and cooperation on the basis of the comprehensive cooperation framework agreement signed at the CIIE last year. Yunxi is confident to maintain the tin industry well, to be world-class in terms of quantity, quality and operational efficiency, and to continue to consolidate its leading position in the tin industry in the world.
Cong Haijin fully affirmed Yunxi’s return to its main business, focusing on its development ideas, as well as its achievements in party building, group work, and safety culture construction. Innovation, looking forward to a deeper level of cooperation between the two sides to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results.

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