Supply and demand of the domestic cathode material market was booming in China.

In the first half of this year, the overall development of the domestic cathode material industry was relatively active, and the price center of the cathode material market was operating at a relatively high position. In the context of the rapid development of new energy vehicles and carbon neutrality, the price of cathode materials has risen strongly at the beginning of 2021. In particular, the price of cobalt-based cathode materials has steadily increased due to the impact of raw material prices and the growth of demand from battery manufacturers. In March, affected by panic psychology and expectations of falling raw material prices, the market price of cobalt-based cathode materials declined. Among them, the price of lithium cobalt oxide fell more significantly, and the prices of ternary precursors and ternary materials were partially affected by the prices of cobalt and nickel. In the callback, in June, the cobalt series ternary price rose slightly, but in view of the lack of willingness to receive goods downstream, the range was limited.
The price trend of the lithium salt market has maintained a strong momentum since the beginning of the year. Among them, the price fell slightly in April due to the increase in production and market supply, but the decline was not large. Since then, the price of lithium salt has continued to run at a high level. Lithium iron phosphate is affected by the positive impact of new energy sources. With the support of the three major requirements of EVs, two-wheelers, and energy storage, the price of lithium iron phosphate has steadily increased, and the output has risen sharply.
The price of cobalt materials rose strongly at the beginning of the year. In March, with the improvement of the epidemic situation and the recovery of transportation, the problem of tight raw material supply gradually eased, and a certain increase in supply caused prices to fall. In mid-to-late June, with European terminal manufacturers stocking up before the summer break, international cobalt prices started a new wave of rising prices. As of the end of June, the overall increase in international prices in the first half of the year reached 45.6%.

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