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Sum up Top 4 Aluminum Foil Containers in Bakery

Sum up Top 4 Aluminum Foil Containers in Bakery


Dessert is an essential part in our lives.

For me, in order to enjoy a wonderful weekend, I will buy some cake cups and bread. Sometimes a bottle of yogurt on Friday evening.

Working hard is to enjoy a better life.

Now, let’s sum up these aluminum foil containers.


NO.1 Aluminum Loaf Pan /

Aluminum Cake Baking Pan

Firstly, toast bread. It is my sister’s favorite food in bakery. Sometimes she prefers to add some cheese inside.

If she is busy doing homework, she will choose this as a meal. Besides, it is fuller than other dessert.


NO.2 Aluminum Foil Egg Tart Cup

Sencondly, exist in many bakery, as the hot-selling dessert, egg tarts are popular among the children and adults.

I went to a bakery near my home a few days ago. At that time, it was the Children’s Day in China. And I caught up the promotions that if you spend over 61 RMB, you will get more 4 egg tart. Of course, I bought a lot in order to get the egg tart.


NO.3 Aluminum Foil Baking Pizza Pan

Thirdly, some bakeries will sell small pizzas, for these who like pizzas, it’s enough to have a small one.

No waste will be cost.


NO.4 Smoothwall Aluminum Foil Round Muffin Cup

Finally, let me introduce my favorite dessert to you, that is Crème brûlée.

I mentioned it in my article before. Why am I so obsessed with it?

The reason is that I have not eaten it for half a year. Because that bakery closed down.

Furthermore, other bakeries can not make the same taste as it, even some bakeries do not have it.

So as the saying goes that The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

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