Suixi County strives to promote the intensive development of aluminum industry clusters

Since Suixi County was approved as the second batch of strategic emerging industry cluster development bases in Anhui Province, the Suixi County Party Committee and the county government have scientifically formulated aluminum industry development plans and promotion policies, fully relying on the industrial foundation, promoted by the government, led by enterprises, and complemented each other’s advantages and economy. The way of cooperation promotes industrial adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and promotes the clustering and intensive development of the aluminum industry. In this process, Suixi County strengthened its platform thinking and gave full play to the role of industry associations in attracting investment and talents. Since 2016, it has successfully held aluminum industry development forums for five consecutive years, and invited domestic experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs to join hands. The development plan of the commercial aluminum industry has reached a number of technical cooperation agreements and project investment agreements, which has injected strong vitality into the development of the aluminum industry.

Suixi County successively held the Aluminum Industry Investment Promotion and Development Forum, Anhui Huaibei Suixi Aluminum Industry Development Forum, China Aluminum Foil Industry Development (Suixi) Summit Forum, China Aluminum Sheet, Strip and Foil Industry Innovation and Green Development Technology Seminar, China (Suixi) Aluminum Foil Innovation and Development Senior The forum has attracted more than 1,000 experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from universities and research institutes and aluminum processing companies to gather in Suixi to keep track of industry trends and look forward to the future of the aluminum industry. With the help of the forum, 41 industrial projects including Hardongsheng Aluminum-based New Materials signed contracts and settled in the Suixi Economic Development Zone, involving a total investment of 30.4 billion yuan, which further enhanced the industrial level and industry influence of Suixi Aluminum-based New Materials, and established new development advantages. .

Suixi County insists on opening up investment promotion as the “No. 1 Project”. Every year, it mainly leads a team to Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Guangdong to conduct business investment inspections. Through high-frequency visits, face-to-face promotion, seminars and exchanges, etc., it improves the pertinence of investment promotion and attracts investment. The fruits are quite fruitful. At the meeting held by the Shanghai Aluminum Association, Suixi County organized a special investment promotion activity and successfully introduced 3 projects with a total investment of 699 million yuan.

Suixi Economic Development Zone was introduced by the Libao (Cross-River Fusion) Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce in Hai’an City and the Haimen Youth Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce. It successfully introduced Yaming Aluminum, Yuexin Electronics and other enterprises, and cooperated with Zhongnan Yuzhong New Energy (Haian) Co., Ltd., Nantong Cyber Communication Co., Ltd., RPT Vehicle Industry Co., Ltd. and other enterprises have reached a number of cooperation intentions.

Suixi County fully relies on the industrial foundation, promoted by the government, led by enterprises, and promoted industrial adjustment, transformation and upgrading through complementary advantages and economic cooperation, and promoted the clustering and intensive development of the aluminum industry. For the aluminum industry chain, Suixi County established a group of major county projects specializing in investment in the aluminum industry. Co-established Wanbei Aluminum Material Industry Research Institute with Beijing University of Science and Technology, established an aluminum product quality supervision and inspection center in Anhui Province, promoted the establishment of 26 various platforms above the provincial level, and participated in the formulation and revision of national or industry standards7 One project was approved by the provincial public competition major scientific and technological achievements engineering research and development project. The establishment of industry development guidance funds, the establishment of 2 financing guarantee enterprises, and a total of 25 enterprises were supported, totaling 744 million yuan. It has successively established 2 academician workstations, 6 post-doctorate workstations, introduced 2 high-level talent teams, and 2 provincial-level “115” industrial innovation teams. Strategic cooperation with Hunan University of Technology, flexible introduction of the expert team of Professor Fan Caihe, to provide enterprises with technical guidance and development services. Strive to build the “four chains in one” of industrial chain, innovation chain, capital chain, and talent chain, continue to introduce industrial projects, expand the scale of the industry, and basically realize aluminum profiles, aluminum plates, strips and foils, recycled aluminum, aluminum-based composite materials, and automobiles and motorcycles A relatively complete industrial chain integrating accessories, etc.

Suixi County takes the reform of “delegating management and service” as the starting point, and actively acts as a “secondary shop” for serving enterprises, and strives to create government services. Set up a county administrative service center sub-center in Suixi Economic Development Zone to provide one-stop services for enterprises. Implement the corporate alliance policy, strengthen assistance, adhere to the “one project, one team, one team, one grasp to the end” working mechanism, and strive to ensure that everything is done without interruption, combined with inspections and inspections of the business environment, and constantly Improve the level of service enterprises, and work together to create a good atmosphere of “pro-cleanness” between government and business. Government services have enabled Anhui Hongchang New Materials Co., Ltd. to firm up its confidence and determination to develop in Suixi, and promoted 9 projects for Suixi through business promotion, involving a total investment of nearly 2 billion yuan.

By setting up a platform to play the role of business associations, looking for opportunities to help “double recruits and attracts”, Suixi County also plans to implement the Anhui Sino-German (Suixi) International Cooperation Aluminum-based Industrial Park. Among them, after the completion of the industrial development area, the intelligent and standardized workshops will reach 300,000 square meters, and the intelligent express logistics park will be 52,000 square meters. After the innovation incubation area is completed, the 60,000 square meters innovation building will provide enterprises with R&D platform services and innovation. Comprehensive public services and scientific research and innovation spaces such as achievement transformation, headquarters economy and crowd-creation space, and a 30,000-square-meter convention and exhibition center will provide a wider venue for the holding of the aluminum industry forum.

Up to now, Suixi has a complete range of secondary aluminum, aluminum extrusion, rolling, and die-casting processes. Its products are widely used in new energy, rail transit equipment, auto and motorcycle accessories, etc., and the industrial chain has continued to deepen and broaden. In 2020, there will be more than 90 aluminum-related enterprises, 60 regulated enterprises, and 23 high-tech enterprises in the Suixi Aluminum-based Metal Materials Base, an increase of 56, 39, and 16 respectively from 2016.

From July 10th to 11th, during the investigation in Huaibei, Governor Wang Qingxian fully affirmed the effectiveness of Suixi County’s use of platform thinking, the role of industry associations, and the implementation of “double recruitment and double citation”. He requested that Suixi County should make good use of the policies for the construction of industrial transfer clusters in northern Anhui, increase investment promotion and industrial chain investment, create a “multi-chain coordination” industrial ecology, and strive to form more emerging industry growth points.

In the next step, Suixi County will focus on core products such as aluminum profiles, aluminum plates and foils, aluminum die-casting parts, rail aluminum materials, aluminum structural parts, etc., and develop in the direction of aluminum materials such as automobiles, rail transit, and aviation, and improve product quality and high-end products. Add value, accelerate the gathering of technologies, funds, projects, and talents in the park, enhance the core competitiveness of industries, enterprises and products, build a national aluminum-based new material high-tech industrial base, and firmly move toward achieving a 100 billion aluminum-based new material industry sector Go ahead.

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