Non-ferrous metals morning bus July 30

The second dumping of reserves was carried out on July 29. The starting price of Zhejiang Jinhua was 16,250 yuan, the high limit price was 18610 yuan, and the high limit price in Shanghai was 18810 yuan. Compared with the situation of dumping reserves, Maanshan, Anhui, near Zhejiang, Shanghai and other places, has a high limit price of only 18,118 yuan. Based on the current high limit price level of the two places, it has increased by more than 500 yuan.

On July 29, the domestic social stock of electrolytic aluminum was 745,000 tons, a decrease of 20,000 tons compared to July 26. Among them, 245,000 tons in Wuxi, 197,000 tons in Foshan, 48,000 tons in Gongyi and 104,000 tons in Shanghai. 60,000 tons in Hangzhou area and 45,000 tons in Tianjin area.

On July 29, China’s 6063 aluminum bar stocks were: 48,000 tons in Foshan, 17,000 tons in Wuxi, 18,000 tons in Nanchang, 13,000 tons in Changzhou, 11,000 tons in Huzhou, 4,500 tons in Chengdu, and 25,000 tons in Gongyi. 114,000 tons, a decrease of 10,000 tons from July 26.

According to customs data, in June 2021, China exported 7.938 million aluminum wheels (calculated at 10Kg/piece), with a cumulative export of 50.588 million from January to June, a total of US$389 million in June, and a cumulative export value of US$2.350 billion from January to June. . In June 2021, China imported 140,000 aluminum wheels (calculated at 10Kg/piece). The cumulative imports from January to June were 1.069 million, the imports in June were US$112.3 million, and the cumulative imports from January to June were US$75 million.

According to media reports, due to insufficient supply of ore, insufficient coal supply, and insufficient supply of liquid caustic soda (temporary supplement for purchasing caustic soda) recently, alumina production in Zhengzhou, Luoyang and Sanmenxia has continued to decline during the period, and some monomer alumina enterprises have Due to force majeure, the daily execution volume of downstream long-term orders has dropped significantly and has begun to be transmitted to the spot market with limited liquidity.

Shenhuo shares issued an announcement stating that Yunnan Shenhuo, its holding subsidiary, will be affected by the limited power supply, and the 800,000-ton business plan formulated at the beginning of the year will not be completed, which will have a significant impact on Yunnan Shenhuo’s operating results. Due to the uncertain time of production recovery, the specific impact on output and benefits cannot be accurately predicted for the time being. According to SMM, due to insufficient power supply capacity in Yunnan Province, Yunnan Power Grid has begun to require some electrolytic aluminum plants to reduce the power load, and some enterprises have been required to limit the power load to 30%.

On July 27, the signing ceremony of the strategic cooperation agreement between Weiqiao Germany and the Lightweight Bureau of Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and the Sino-German lightweight seminar were successfully held in the form of online and offline integration. The two parties will work to build a comprehensive development platform based on lightweight scientific research, manufacturing, financing, and markets, and a platform that systematically, in-depth and groundly serves China-Germany and even China-Europe micro-enterprises in the field of lightweight A solid step has been taken on the road to quantification and internationalization.

Supported by the strong recovery in demand from the automobile manufacturing industry, the output of aluminum products in Japan in the first half of this year has increased year-on-year over the past four years. Preliminary data released by the Aluminum Association of Japan shows that the output of flat rolled aluminum and extruded aluminum from January to June was 938,844 tons, an increase of 11% year-on-year. Shipments from January to June were 947,113 tons, an increase of 11% year-on-year, which is also a year-on-year growth in the past four years.

The National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice on the further time-of-use electricity price mechanism. The notice pointed out that where the peak-to-valley rate of the large system is expected to exceed 40% last year or that year, the peak-to-valley price difference is not less than 4:1 in principle; in other places, it is not low in principle. At 3:1. All localities must implement a peak electricity price mechanism based on peak and valley electricity prices based on actual conditions. The peak period is reasonably determined based on the time period when the high load of 95% and above of the local power system occurs in the previous two years, and is flexibly adjusted in consideration of the power supply and demand situation of the year, weather changes and other factors; the peak power price is based on the peak power price in principle. Not less than 20%. Encourage northern regions to study and formulate seasonal electricity heating tariff policies, and promote further reduction of clean heating electricity costs by appropriately extending the trough periods and reducing the trough electricity prices, and effectively guaranteeing residents’ demand for clean heating in winter.

The Ministry of Finance issued an announcement on the cancellation of the export tax rebate for steel products: starting from August 1, 2021, the export tax rebate for some steel products will be cancelled. The specific execution time shall be defined by the export date indicated on the export goods declaration form. According to the detailed rules for the announcement of the list of iron and steel products that cancel export tax rebates, the consumption of zinc ingots is related to: electro-galvanized iron or non-alloy steel flat-rolled products, other plated or galvanized ordinary steel plates, and plated or coated aluminum-zinc alloy iron Or non-alloy steel flat-rolled products, electroplated or zinc-coated other alloy steel plates, width ≥600mm, other methods of plating or zinc-coated alloy steel plates, width ≥600mm.

[US stocks close] The Dow rose 153.60 points, or 0.44%, to 35084.53 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.11% to 14,788.26 points, and the S&P 500 index rose 0.42% to 4,419.15 points.

LME electronic plate aluminum 2596.5 rose 75.5; copper 9840 rose 179.5; zinc 2998 rose 30; nickel 19900 rose 385; lead 2366 rose 21; aluminum inventory 1.4 million tons; exchange rate 6.4942

LME aluminum 2609.1 rose 62.9; copper 9799.5 rose 135.5; zinc 2991.4 rose 24.4; nickel 19833 rose 300.3; lead 2401 rose 28; exchange rate 6.4942

On July 29, the Shanghai futures 2108 contract aluminum night trading closed 19920 up 365; copper closed 71760 up 300; zinc closed 22430 up 170

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