Non-ferrous metals morning bus July 29

Due to the rapid increase in electricity load during the “peak summer” period, the scope of power curtailment within the China Southern Power Grid has been further expanded. According to the investigation, the current electricity curtailment measures in Yunnan have not been relaxed, and the Guangxi area has not yet determined all the electricity curtailment requirements. However, the sample aluminum enterprises have received news of a substantial increase in electricity prices, and it is possible to repay the electricity consumption in the first half of the year; samples from Guizhou area The aluminum enterprise has confirmed that it has received the request for peak-shifting electricity, and is studying to reduce the load production, and the output has not been affected for the time being.

The main contribution to the increase in alumina cost within 30 days of the current period is the increase in energy prices and caustic soda prices. The industry-wide energy cost has increased by 30 yuan, and the cost of caustic soda has increased by 10 yuan. In the 60-90 day period, the estimated energy cost Relative to the upward trend of more than 80 yuan, the cost of caustic soda will rise more than 50 yuan. At present, of the 14 alumina plants in Shanxi area, 8 have already used imported ore (partially or fully used). From a national perspective, as alumina plants in Yunnan area start to use imported ore this month, all domestic alumina plants Imported mines are used in aluminum production areas. However, the current price of imported ore is not low. For the two inland regions of Henan and Shanxi, the excessively high land freight has made the cost of imported ore not much different from that of domestic ore.

On the evening of July 27, *ST Zhongfu issued an announcement stating that Zhongfu Industry and 5 subsidiaries (including Zhongfu Power, Zhongfu Aluminum, Zhongfu Carbon, Linfeng Aluminum and Anyang Gaojing) were the second creditors The draft reorganization plan was voted through at the meeting. According to industry insiders, Zhongfu Industrial is currently operating stably. If the reorganization plan is approved by the court, the company will enter the execution period of the reorganization plan. After the reorganization is completed, the debt risk of the enterprise will be resolved fundamentally, and the ability to continue operations and profitability will be improved. Further improvement will be more conducive to protecting the interests of creditors and small and medium investors, and maintaining local economic and social stability.

Recently, the supply of industrial products, mainly iron ore and steel, has picked up, and price fluctuations have also stabilized relatively. Many experts said that the overall supply and demand of bulk commodities remained tight during the year, especially the industrial products sector, which needed to be relatively stable, and supply was the main factor affecting price fluctuations; during the middle of the year, the price fluctuations of industrial products were relatively stable, and the supply was stable. Guaranteed. In the second half of the year, with increasing demand uncertainty, the gap between supply and demand is expected to narrow, and it is expected to fluctuate at a high level with a high probability.

According to World, Novelis announced that it plans to invest more than 7 million U.S. dollars to expand the project and hire 37 new employees to restart the idle equipment in its processing plant in Terre Haute, Indiana. Novelis is actively recruiting qualified candidates, including operators, mechanics, electricians, engineers and other operational positions.

According to the World Aluminum Net compilation, Vedanta issued a statement stating that it has planned to invest 66.11 billion rupees in the next two years (about 18-24 months) to expand the smelting capacity of Bharat Aluminum and increase the production capacity by 414,000 tons. /year. At present, the company’s total production capacity is close to 1 million tons/year. Benefiting from this expansion project, Vedanta’s aluminum production capacity will be increased to 2.8 million tons per year.

According to data released by the National Bureau of Statistics compiled by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, in the first half of 2021, the completed operating income of the automobile manufacturing industry maintained a relatively rapid year-on-year growth, and the growth rate continued to fall from January to May. In the first half of 2021, the automobile manufacturing industry completed operating income of 4289.11 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 28%, accounting for 7.2% of the total operating income of industrial enterprises above designated size.

The China Coal Industry Association’s newly released “Circular on the Operation of Coal Economy in the First Half of 2021” shows that coal supply will further increase in the second half of the year, but there may still be tight supply in some areas. Looking ahead to the coal market in the second half of the year, from the perspective of coal demand, factors such as the stable recovery of the macro economy, peak coal consumption in summer and winter, and low thermal coal inventory will drive coal demand growth. Factors such as increased output of renewable energy power generation and “dual control” of energy consumption will inhibit the growth of coal demand.

Recently, the “Implementation Opinions of the Henan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment on Strengthening the Prevention and Control of the Source of the Ecological Environment of the “Two Highs” Projects” was released. The opinions pointed out that while further optimizing the business environment and stimulating the vitality of market players, it should also earnestly improve the ecology of the “Two Highs” projects. Environmental access, resolutely curb the blind development of “two highs” projects, and promote green transformation and development. The scope of the “two highs” project is currently determined to include steel, iron alloys, alumina, electrolytic aluminum, carbon for aluminum, copper-lead-zinc-silicon smelting (including primary and recycled smelting), cement, lime, building ceramics, bricks and tiles (with sintering process) ), refractory materials (with sintering process), corundum, flat glass, coal power, refining, coking, methanol, nitrogen fertilizer, acetic acid, chlor-alkali, calcium carbide, asphalt waterproof materials and other 22 industry investment projects in the middle-year comprehensive energy consumption1 Projects above 10,000 tons of standard coal.

It is understood that due to the impact of the summer electricity peak, the power load pressure of the Southern Power Grid has not been reduced. The Yunnan electrolytic aluminum plant may be required to increase the previous limit from 25% to 30%. The electrolytic aluminum plant in Guizhou and Guangxi is two weeks away. Some aluminum companies have chosen to conduct annual maintenance ahead of time or reduce the load in a small amount to deal with it. The power limit requirements have become stricter this week, and Guizhou enterprises have been required to cooperate with peak power consumption.

According to the external network, the spot premium of aluminum ingots in London, the United States and other regions has reached a new high. The current concentrated transaction premium is 30 cents per pound, or US$670 per ton. After the Kitimat strike, the US Midwest premium has hit a record high.

[US stocks close] The Dow fell 127.72 points, or 0.36%, to 34,930.80; the S&P 500 index fell 0.82 points, or 0.02%, to 4,400.64 points; the Nasdaq rose 102.01 points, or 0.70%, to 14,762.58 points.

LME electronic plate aluminum 2521 rose 36; copper 9660.5 fell 129.5; zinc 2968 fell 4; nickel 19515 rose 190; lead 2345 rose 11.5; aluminum inventory was 1.4 million tons; exchange rate 6.4929

LME aluminum 2546.3 rose 49.8; copper 9664 fell 76; zinc 2967 fell 2.3; nickel 19532.8 rose 187.3; lead 2373 rose 7.8; exchange rate 6.4929

On July 28, the Shanghai futures 2108 contract aluminum night trading closed 19530 up 110; copper closed 71240 down 800; zinc closed 22235 down 40

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