Non-ferrous metals morning bus July 27

Mingtai Aluminum announced on the evening of July 26 that the company plans to invest 3.6 billion yuan to build a 700,000-ton secondary aluminum production line and aluminum project based on its existing secondary aluminum production capacity. The project will build a production line for comprehensive utilization of renewable resources, realize resource utilization and recycling, and help Mingtai Aluminum enter the zero-waste era of resource recycling.

On July 26, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment held a regular press conference in July. Xu Bijiu, executive deputy director of the Central Ecological and Environmental Protection Supervision Office, said in response to a reporter’s question that General Secretary Xi Jinping requested that the implementation of carbon peaks and carbon neutrality be included in the central Eco-environmental protection inspector, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment resolutely implements it. The first is to closely integrate routine inspections with the shooting of warning films, so as to share problems and results, and also incorporate everyone’s concerns. The second is to blindly launch the “two highs” project, ecological protection and development as the focus of attention. The third is to investigate and deal with a number of issues and make them public.

On July 26, Hualian Comprehensive Supermarket announced that the company intends to purchase 74.86% of Shandong Chuangxin Metal Technology Co., Ltd. (“Chuangxin Metal”) held by 5 shareholders including Chuangxin Group through the issuance of shares; according to the negotiation situation, Issuing shares to purchase 25.14% equity of Innovative Metal held by 20 shareholders; intends to sell all assets and liabilities to Beijing Hualian Group; the above-mentioned asset purchase and placement are a package transaction; at the same time, it plans to raise matching funds. This transaction is expected to constitute a major asset reorganization and a reorganization and listing, which will result in the change of the company’s actual controller from the Hainan Provincial Cultural Exchange Promotion Association to Cui Lixin. Trading of the company’s shares will be suspended on July 26.

On July 26, China’s 6063 aluminum bar stocks were: 48,500 tons in Foshan, 17,500 tons in Wuxi, 19,000 tons in Nanchang, 14,000 tons in Changzhou, 12,000 tons in Huzhou, 2 tons in Chengdu, and 2,000 tons in Gongyi. 119,000 tons, a decrease of 19,000 tons from July 22.

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said on Monday that the national carbon market is active, with transaction prices rising steadily and the market is operating smoothly. In the next step, we will work with relevant departments to promote market development, establish a sound national carbon market joint supervision mechanism, strengthen supervision of all links of the national carbon market, and effectively prevent market risks. In addition, on the basis of the good operation of the carbon market in the power generation industry, the coverage of the industry will be expanded and more industries will be gradually included. Gradually enrich transaction varieties, transaction methods and transaction entities, and increase market activity.

The new data released by the National Bureau of Statistics on July 26 showed that the price of non-ferrous metals increased in mid-July 2021 compared with early July. The specific price changes are as follows: the price of electrolytic copper is 6,9025.3 yuan/ton, an increase of 356.4 yuan/ton or 0.5% from the previous period. The price of aluminum ingots was 19,211.2 yuan/ton, an increase of 311.0 yuan/ton or 1.6% from the previous period. The price of lead ingots was 1,5545.6 yuan/ton, an increase of 14.9 yuan/ton or 0.1% from the previous period. The price of zinc ingot was 22425.7 yuan/ton, up 68.6 yuan/ton or 0.3% from the previous period.

[US stocks close] The Dow rose 82.76 points, or 0.24%, to 35144.31 points, the Nasdaq rose 0.03% to 14,840.71 points, and the S&P 500 index rose 0.24% to 4422.30 points.

LME electronic disk aluminum 2504.5 fell 4; copper 9855.5 rose 231.5; zinc 3011 rose 32.5; nickel 19705 rose 235; lead 2365 fell 7.5; aluminum inventory was 1.42 million tons; exchange rate 6.4763

LME aluminum 2510.9 rose 18.7; copper 9793.3 rose 298.3; zinc 2997.5 rose 50; nickel 19707 rose 334; lead 2411.3 fell 2.3; exchange rate 6.4763

On July 26, the Shanghai futures 2108 contract aluminum night trading closed 19,635 up 90; copper closed 72,000 up 1610; zinc closed 22565 up 230

The above is the whole content of today’s morning bus. A new day has begun, I wish you a happy work!

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