Non-ferrous metal early bus July 31

A few days ago, Guangxi Power Grid issued a notice of orderly power consumption for peak avoidance and load reduction of 3 million million. Among them, Baise Power Grid reduced the load by 500,000 kilowatts, the Guest Power Grid reduced the load by 300,000 MWh, and the Nanning Power Grid reduced the load by 360,000 kWh. According to the demand for load reduction in various places, the influence of electrolytic aluminum production capacity in the region may exceed 100,000 tons.

Wanshun New Materials stated on the investor interaction platform on July 29 that the first phase of the high-precision electronic aluminum foil production project is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year. Operating income is 1.618 billion yuan.

On July 30, China’s alumina port stocks totaled 490,000 tons. Among them, Lianyungang Port is 48,000 tons, Qingdao Port is 120,000 tons, Bayuquan Port is 200,000 tons, Panjin Port is 90,000 tons, Jinzhou Port is 2,000 tons, Fangcheng Port is 30,000 tons, Qinzhou Port, Rizhao Port, Longkou Port, and Caofeidian currently have no spot inventory.

Recently, the Dongqing Technology Center has broken through the key technology around the cutting-edge technology of aluminum alloy profiles and successfully developed a large-size alloy profile. At present, Dongqing’s extrusion press equipment has successfully extruded this profile. This is the large section of this series of aluminum alloy profiles currently produced by Dongqing, and it has achieved another innovative breakthrough. In the next step, Dongqing Technology Center will conduct research on the strengthening and toughening treatment process of the profile, speed up the transformation of results, and lay the foundation for Dongqing to enter the extrusion material market.

Recently, the General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission, the General Department of the National Energy Administration, and the General Department of the National Mines Supervision Bureau jointly issued a notice to encourage qualified coal mines to nuclear increase production capacity and implement a capacity replacement commitment system for nuclear increase of coal mine production capacity. The “Notice” clarified that coal mines that applied for nuclear increase before March 31, 2022 do not need to implement capacity replacement indicators in advance, and can use the promised method to carry out capacity replacement. After obtaining the approval for capacity increase, the capacity replacement will be completed within 3 months. Program.

July 30. The Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting on July 30 to analyze and study the current economic situation and plan economic work in the second half of the year. Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, presided over the meeting. The meeting pointed out that the current global epidemic is still evolving, the external environment is becoming more complex and severe, and the domestic economic recovery is still unstable and uneven. We must do a good job in the cross-cycle adjustment of macro policies, maintain the continuity, stability, and sustainability of macro policies, make overall plans for the convergence of macro policies this year and the next, and maintain economic operations within a reasonable range. A proactive fiscal policy must improve policy effectiveness, secure the bottom line of the “three guarantees” at the grassroots level, reasonably grasp the progress of budgetary investment and local government bond issuance, and promote the formation of a physical workload at the end of this year and early next year. A prudent monetary policy must maintain reasonable and sufficient liquidity to help small and medium-sized enterprises and difficult industries continue to recover. It is necessary to enhance the autonomy of macroeconomic policies and keep the RMB exchange rate basically stable at a reasonable and balanced level. Do a good job in ensuring the supply of bulk commodities and stabilizing prices.

The meeting analyzed and studied the current economic situation and made arrangements for economic work in the second half of the year. The meeting requested that carbon peaking and carbon neutrality should be coordinated in an orderly manner, and an action plan for carbon peaking before 2030 should be issued as soon as possible. The “high” project develops blindly. Do a good job in ensuring that the power peaks in the summer.

[US stocks close] The three major US stock indexes fell across the board on Friday. As of the close, the Dow fell 148.4 points, or 0.42%, to 34936.13 points; the Nasdaq fell 105.59 points, or 0.71%, to 14,672.68 points; the S&P 500 index fell 23.88 points, or 0.54%, to 4,395.27 points.

LME electronic disk aluminum 2597.5 rose 1; copper 9714 fell 126; zinc 3031.5 rose 33.5; nickel 19570 fell 330; lead 2379.5 rose 13.5; aluminum inventory 1.39 million tons; exchange rate 6.4602

LME aluminum 2598 fell 11.1; copper 9701 fell 98.5; zinc 3028.5 rose 37.1; nickel 19547 fell 286; lead 2414.8 rose 13.8; exchange rate 6.4602

On July 30, the Shanghai futures 2108 contract aluminum night trading closed 19890 up 10; copper closed 71080 down 470; zinc closed 22495 up 100?

The above is the whole content of today’s morning bus. A new day has begun, and I wish you a happy weekend!

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