Huaibei City Ceramic Aluminum and Aluminum-based Metal Material Industry Entrepreneur Salon was held

On the afternoon of July 29, Huaibei City held a salon for entrepreneurs in the ceramic aluminum and aluminum-based metal materials industry. Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhang Yong, Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Mayor Qin Weiguo communicated face-to-face with the heads of 28 companies, analyzed current problems, and collided with the spark of ideas for win-win development. City Zhou Tianwei, Zhang Li, Gao Weimin, and Li Gongfeng participated in the event.

During the salon event, Huang Hui, director, professor and doctoral supervisor of the Aluminum Alloy Research Institute of Beijing University of Technology gave a report entitled “Overview of Aluminum Industry Development”. The heads of 10 companies, including Tao Aluminum New Materials Research Institute, Meixin Aluminum, Limu New Materials, and Jiayuan Aluminum, opened their hearts, combined with the actual development of the enterprises, and spoke freely on the hot and difficult issues in production and operation. The heads of the participating cities and related departments made a response speech. The person in charge of Limu New Materials initiated the establishment of the Huaibei Aluminum-based New Materials Industry Alliance on behalf of aluminum-based enterprises.

Zhang Yong pointed out in his speech that if one person can walk fast, a group of people can walk far. The formation of ceramic-aluminum and aluminum-based metal material industrial clusters can deepen and pragmatically grow the industrial chain, integrate various resources, and accelerate the development of the industry.

Zhang Yong emphasized that it is necessary to be problem-oriented, to listen, to respond, to deal with, to carefully sort out the opinions and suggestions put forward by entrepreneurs, to study solutions in a targeted manner, and to track feedback in time to help enterprises become bigger and stronger. We must adhere to the “four chains in one” of the industrial chain, innovation chain, capital chain, and talent chain, provide more sophisticated products through technological innovation, scientific research and development, and continuously improve the independent innovation capabilities and core competitiveness of enterprises; focus on supplementing and extending the chain Chain and strong chain investment promotion, effectively improve the effectiveness of recruitment; strengthen talent protection, and realize “Huai talent must meet” and “Huai talent preferential treatment”. It is necessary to give full play to the role of industrial alliances, establish a long-term mechanism for information and resource sharing, condense the collective development of the cluster, and provide strong momentum for the construction of a new stage of modernization and beautiful Huaibei.

Qin Weiguo pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen confidence and determination, stimulate the endogenous motivation of the enterprise, and promote the development of the industry. It is necessary to strengthen scientific and technological support, strengthen cooperation with courtyards and institutes, and encourage and support enterprises to accelerate upgrading and transformation. It is necessary to intensify the protection of factors, enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of enterprise-related services, continuously optimize the business environment, and help Huaibei to transform and develop.

Xu Tao, secretary general of the municipal government, and responsible comrades from relevant departments and financial institutions participated in the event.

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