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Which kind of pet will you choose if you have a chance.

Most people would like to live with their pet just like living with family and friends. That is to say, pet will be our best friend or family member in our future life.

In my opinion, pet also perform another character.

Who is it?

The answer is our kids.


I have a lots of friends who says that they don’t have a marriage, but they are willing to have some pets and treat them as their kids.

Companionship and love are priceless for young people at present. Therefore, health food, warm house and continuous concern are the ways we could pay back to them.


I have a dog called Lucky when I were a child. Sometimes I admire it in my childhood.

How is it that?

The reason is on food. My mom used to buying some delicious pet food for Lucky, like ham sausage and dry dog food. Frankly speaking, I have to say that pet food is really fragrant.


Recently, many families are willing to pay more attention to pets. Pet also could be a good partner with children. Therefore, various kinds of pet food and packages appear on the market.

Regarding dry pet food, most of them are in bags. And for wet food, aluminum foil container is a better choose.


If pet could eat well, then their resistance can be stronger.

Which kind of pet food will you choose for your lovely dog or cat?

Dry food or Wet food?


My suggestion is to eat both.

Dry food could exercise chewing and teeth ability. However, for the older or sick pet, wet food is more nutritious than dry food, it is easy to digest.

At the end of this article, I would like to show you some packages about wet food. That is funny and innovative!

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