Henan Province intensifies the remediation of hazardous waste

In accordance with the unified deployment of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment “National Hazardous Waste Remediation Three-year Action Implementation Plan”, Henan has closely combined with the actual conditions of the province, and has carefully organized and carried out hazardous waste remediation actions throughout the province, and achieved initial results. The main methods are as follows:

1. Improve the station and carefully deploy hazardous waste remediation work

Henan Province resolutely implements Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, takes the remediation of hazardous wastes as a serious political task, and resolutely shoulders the political responsibility of preventing and resolving environmental risks, and takes the investigation and remediation of hazardous wastes in the Yellow River Basin of the provincial municipality as a pilot Demonstration, based on summing up experience, set up a special work class, carefully deployed the hazardous waste remediation work within the province, and issued the “Henan Province Yellow River Basin Hazardous Waste Investigation and Remediation Work Plan” and the “Henan Province Hazardous Waste Remediation Work Plan” Three-year action plan. Since the implementation of the rectification work, the main responsible comrades of the department have been in front of the command, personally experienced and personally performed, went to the front-line on-site supervision many times, went to Zhengzhou Xinzheng City, Luoyang Luoning County and other places to investigate hazardous waste supervision work, promote various related work, and require all localities to attach great importance to it. Regarding hazardous waste remediation, resolutely put an end to paralysis and fluke, and adopt a zero-tolerance attitude towards illegal and irregular behaviors involving hazardous waste.

The province deploys hazardous waste remediation actions

2. Take multiple measures simultaneously to further promote the remediation of hazardous waste

In order to effectively promote the smooth development of the remediation work, Henan Province implements weekly scheduling and monthly rankings, regularly compiles hazardous waste investigation and remediation work briefings, strengthens the notification of the hazardous waste investigation and remediation rankings, and publicizes the provincial cities with better implementation of the work. Promote backward province-administered cities to notify and criticize, adopt subsidy guidance and supervision, and continuously transmit pressure at various levels to ensure that all tasks are implemented. Regarding the key links of hazardous waste generation, storage, transfer, and disposal, focus on the management of hazardous waste generating units, business units, hazardous waste self-use disposal facilities, and key supervision units in the province, and strive for departmental linkage, investigation, and one enterprise one policy. , Check while making changes to ensure the standardized operation of hazardous waste enterprises and the effective prevention and control of environmental risks.

Zhengzhou City organizes mutual inspections between counties and districts, and does not miss a single point on time and quantity. This not only eliminates the risk of blindly neglected supervision, but also effectively improves work efficiency. It also builds a platform for mutual learning and exchange of business, and improves the management of hazardous waste. Work level. Luoyang City attaches great importance to the remediation work. The mayor personally and the municipal government take the lead in pushing forward. The city organizes on-site observation training meetings, issues work implementation plans, establishes a work promotion mechanism, and pays close attention to work implementation. Xinxiang City compiles hazardous waste grid management ledgers, implements a normalized management system of monthly enterprise reports, monthly assistance and supervision of rectification by grid members; Xuchang City has established a list of hazardous waste investigation enterprises, forming a list of investigation enterprises in the city. The city has laid a solid foundation for the pilot construction of a “waste-free city”.

3. Strengthen publicity and create an atmosphere for standardized management of hazardous waste

In recent years, Henan Province, in conjunction with the new “Solid Waste Pollution Prevention and Control Law” and other laws and regulations, has focused on improving the level of business supervision of environmental protection personnel in cities, counties, and districts, building the capacity of enterprises to standardize environmental management of hazardous waste, and continue to create standardization of hazardous waste. Environmental management atmosphere. In order to strengthen the province’s hazardous waste publicity work, at regular press conferences, hazardous waste remediation actions and daily management conditions are released to the public, and the media is used for publicity and guidance and legal publicity. At the same time, all cities and cities are required to do a good job of publicity. jobs.

Local cities actively responded to hazardous waste publicity requirements, and Kaifeng City publicized the new “Solid Waste Environmental Pollution Prevention Law” on WeChat platforms, Weibo public accounts, Douyin accounts and other network platforms, which increased the participation of the people; Anyang The city has launched a monthly campaign on the prohibition of illegal transfer of hazardous waste and illegal dumping of hazardous waste under the theme of “Cherish the Homeland, Protect the Environment, and Resist Illegal Dumping of Hazardous Wastes” to continuously raise the public’s awareness of the prevention and control of solid waste pollution. The public’s awareness of supervision and reporting has been strengthened, the participation of all sectors of society has been increased, and the rights and interests of the people have been effectively protected.

4. Coordination and linkage to severely crack down on illegal and criminal activities in hazardous waste environment

In order to crack down on illegal and criminal activities involving hazardous wastes, we strengthened the management and control of hazardous wastes environmental risks. In September 2020, the Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment, together with the Provincial Department of Public Security and the Provincial People’s Procuratorate, issued the “Henan Province Severely Crackdown on Hazardous Waste Environmental Crimes and Crimes”; in May 2021, the three departments jointly issued the “Henan Province Severely Fights Danger Waste Environmental Illegal Crime and Automatic Monitoring Data Falsification Illegal Crime Action Plan”, establish a normalized contact mechanism, use the network to form a three-level and three-sector linkage working mechanism for smooth communication and information sharing, and strengthen the province’s hazardous waste environmental law enforcement supervision. Resolutely crack down on the chain of illegal collection, utilization, dumping, and disposal of hazardous wastes, crack down on a batch of illegal and criminal enterprises and related persons responsible for hazardous wastes, a batch of administrative detentions, and a batch of criminal justices that have been found through investigations, and severely crack down on environmental violations involving hazardous wastes Criminal behavior, strengthen the environmental risk management and control of hazardous waste.

Zhengzhou City Holds Hazardous Waste Management Training Conference

As of the end of June, Henan Province had investigated 21,339 hazardous waste companies, including 21072 hazardous waste generating units and 267 hazardous waste operating units; 718 companies were found to have problems during the investigation, and 614 had completed rectification. 620 companies have formulated rectification plans. Since the investigation and remediation work began, the province has investigated and handled a total of 281 cases involving hazardous waste pollution, including 251 administrative punishment cases and 30 criminal punishment cases.

In the next step, Henan Province will further strengthen the entire process and location supervision of hazardous waste, continuously strengthen the assessment mechanism for standardized management of hazardous waste, do a good job in scientific, legal, and other business management capabilities, deepen business guidance, and achieve normalization and standardization of hazardous waste management. Contribute to the hazardous waste environmental supervision department for the construction of beautiful China and brilliant Henan.

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