Yunnan build the China Aluminum Valley and put the 500kV Tianxing power transmission and transformation project into operation

We learned from Yunnan Power Grid Construction Branch that as of July 31, the 500kV Tianxing transmission and transformation project has successfully completed the commissioning stage, and the 500kV Tongtian A line and Yantian B line and related equipment have been live, and the subsequent operation will be put into operation. The orderly development is continuing under the instructions of the dispatch center.

The 500kV Tianxing Power Transmission and Transformation Project was successfully put into operation

As an important hub substation for the power exchange between southern and central Yunnan, the 500kV Tianxing Transmission and Transformation Project is a key project to meet the power needs of the Wenshan Aluminum Industry Industrial Park and help Yunnan build the “China Aluminum Valley”. It is also the second 500 kV intelligent protection substation put into operation by Yunnan Power Grid Corporation after the 500 kV Zhaoyang (Mingtong) transmission and transformation project. After the project is completed and put into production, it will further promote the electrolytic aluminum and downstream deep processing industries, promote the development of aluminum product transportation and logistics, stimulate the employment of a large number of local populations, and provide a reliable basic energy guarantee for the economic development of Wenshan Prefecture and Yanshan County.

The 500kV Tianxing Power Transmission and Transformation Project was successfully put into operation

Since the start of construction on October 11, 2020, the project has only lasted 9 months. Under the command of the construction branch and the full cooperation of all participating units, scientific plans have been made to overcome repeated domestic epidemics, complex geological conditions, and site forecasts. Due to difficulties such as delays in delivery and high technical difficulty in joint debugging of intelligent protection, the construction of the project was advanced at full speed, ensuring the smooth commissioning of the project on schedule. The construction branch company gives full play to the advantages of chemical project management, builds a bridge between government and enterprises with the state party committee and state government, communicates and solves various problems in a timely manner, and promotes the steady and rapid progress of the project. At the same time, China Southern Power Grid has opened a green and fast procurement channel for the construction, supervision, and material bidding of infrastructure projects in Yunnan Power Grid, providing a strong resource guarantee for project construction.

When it was put into operation, the “Clean Clean and Clean Project” of the “Yundian Qingfeng” series was held at the substation site. “Institutional mechanisms have promoted the continuous deepening of the strict governance of the party. This project has also become a clean demonstration project of Yunnan Power Grid Corporation in 2021.

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