Heavy rains hit many places in Henan, and the transportation of scrap aluminum was blocked

Since July 17, heavy rains have occurred in Zhengzhou, Pingdingshan and other places in Henan Province, and heavy rains have appeared in some areas. As the heavy rainfall continued, Henan Province entered the main flood season. In many areas, water accumulation is serious, which affects the production of aluminum plants and the procurement situation is serious. In view of the above situation, my nonferrous network organization conducts research on enterprises in Henan:

Sample enterpriseEnterprise NatureBusiness locationReduction and discontinuationPurchasing aluminum scrap
AAluminum stripGong YiDiscontinuedSuspension of purchases
BAluminum stripGong YiDiscontinuedSuspension of purchases
CAluminum stripGong YiDiscontinuedSuspension of purchases
DAluminum stripGong YiReduced productionProcurement restricted
EAluminum stripLuoyangnormal productionProcurement restricted
FRemelting rodChanggenormal productionProcurement restricted

It is learned from the survey that the Gongyi area is heavily affected, and the aluminum plant has basically suspended procurement and production. Among them, the large aluminum plate and strip company A has suspended the purchase of scrap aluminum and stopped production. Large aluminum sheet and strip company B said it was affected, but did not suspend production and procurement, but transportation was more difficult and unloading was slower. Changge is less affected, and manufacturers located in low-lying areas are more severely affected. The procurement and production of other manufacturers are all proceeding normally. There are many dismantling factories in Changge, and the heavy rain has slowed down the dismantling rate, and some dismantling factories have stopped work.

According to the prediction of the China Meteorological Administration, there will be continuous rainfall in Henan in the next 1-2 days, especially in the surrounding areas of Zhengzhou. Henan is a major secondary aluminum consumption province in my country. Heavy rains have affected many companies to stop purchasing. In the next few days, the secondary aluminum market in other provinces will have relatively sufficient supply, and the shortage of market supply will be slightly eased.

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