Heavy rainfall in Henan aluminum factory production is affected

From July 18th to 21st, Henan was hit by heavy rains, and Zhengzhou was hit by heavy rains since records. According to the investigation, the rainfall has caused substantial impacts on the production of relevant aluminum enterprises in Henan Province to varying degrees. One is directly causing the factory to stop production, and the other is that the transportation of raw materials and products in the factory is blocked, and the stability of production is affected.
details as follows:
1. Electrolytic aluminum enterprise. On July 20, an aluminum plant in Dengfeng, Henan, exploded due to continuous heavy rain causing river water to pour into the electrolytic cell. The entire series of the aluminum plant stopped production, involving an operating capacity of more than 40,000 tons, and the resumption of production time is temporarily Unable to evaluate. Other aluminum plants in the province have no news of stopping their tanks for the time being. The feedback mainly depends on the inventory of alumina and other raw materials and the continuity of rainfall.
2. An alumina company, an alumina company in the same area as the above-mentioned Dengfeng aluminum plant has arranged to stop production across the board, involving an operating capacity of 200,000 tons. An alumina company in Zhengzhou plans to suspend production for about a week due to water and power cuts, involving an operating capacity of more than 1.3 million tons. There is no news about the impact of other alumina production in the province. If the rainfall continues and the transportation is interrupted for a long time, it will have an adverse impact on the raw material transportation of alumina enterprises and the transportation of red mud. In addition, if the geographical location of the red mud storage is low, its The risk of leakage has also risen.
3. For aluminum processing enterprises, the transportation of molten aluminum was interrupted under heavy rainfall, and the processing enterprises that used molten aluminum around the aluminum factory had to suspend operations. For example, in Gongyi City, a number of aluminum processing companies, including a listed aluminum processing company, have stopped work due to traffic interruptions. The resumption time is expected to be about a week, mainly depending on the time when the rainfall stops.

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