Guiding, Qiannan: Aluminum products are exported abroad, with an annual output value of 20 million yuan

The technical treatment of an aluminum product can be as pleasing as a work of art. At the beginning of July this year, an aluminum product factory in the Changming Economic Development Zone of Guizhou was officially put into operation. Because of its exquisite, practical and high-quality products, it has an annual output value of more than 20 million yuan.

In the summer, the blue sky is like a wash. In the production workshop of Guizhou Jingwei Aluminum Co., Ltd., the workers are busy in an orderly manner. After heating, pressing, grinding and polishing, mold design, and then processing through the finished product area, piece by piece Exquisite aluminum products are produced. According to the person in charge of the company, aluminum products are mainly used for mechanical parts, household parts, and customized production of aluminum parts.

Yang Liangyuan, general manager of Guizhou Weijing Aluminum Co., Ltd., said: “Our company was established in Ningbo in 2011. It mainly produces aluminum alloy products, pressed products and aluminum parts. The products are mainly sold to Europe and North America, and foreign orders account for 80%.”

It is understood that Guizhou Weijing Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd. integrates the development of product design, mold processing, product molding, machining, surface treatment and other technologies, and has complete foreign trade and export business channels. In the next step, the company also plans to expand production capacity to drive more local employment and income.

Yang Liangyuan, general manager of Guizhou Weijing Aluminum Co., Ltd., said: “We started production in early July, and the current one-month order volume is about 1 million yuan. After the factory is opened here, the cost of transportation is reduced because of the convenience of transportation, and the human resources are here. It is relatively rich, and we are expected to have more orders on hand. The current plan is to recruit 50 to 60 people. Now we have recruited 20 people. We mainly recruit local employees. The stability of local employees can also drive our local employment.”

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