Choose Proper Aluminum Foil Pot for Middle East Market


Aluminum Foil Pot

Aluminum is a main material in the kitchen and restaurant. It is epidemic and trendiness in the market of lunch box and container. It also has various classic looks.

Followings are a host of strong points, such as:

  1. Eco-friendly. The awareness of protecting the environment is stronger in our mind,  and the requirement of quality of aluminum foil pot and container is higher as well. So aluminum foil stands out among many materials.
  2. For the catering industry, food packaging is necessary in the take-away business, so that choosing a disposable aluminum foil pot and pan is rational, besides, the price is competitive. Namely, it is cheap and cheerful.
  3. Aluminum foil could cooked directly and we can heat it in the microwave. Some materials like plastic can not ,because they will release harmful substances when the temperature is high.In addition, aluminum foil with the function of heat retention makes it a great choice in any place like party.

As a main product, aluminum pots are hot selling widely in Middle East Market. Best helper in the Party or big family reunion.

No matter how many people attend, the aluminum pot is big and deep enough to cook big meal. This is a different point from other aluminum foil container or pan.

My friend Lindy who has a deep love for curry like cooking curry and potato at home using aluminum pot. Once I went to her home to have a supper last time, I was surprised at the pot. To be honest, not many people use aluminum pot in China. Of course, that pot is a small size pot, but enough for us. She used three pots in total, one for curry, one for potato and last one for rice. I have to say that she cooked so tasty.

Aluminum pot also has an another strength, it has holders. Therefore, you do not have to  be worried about getting burned.

Firstly, if you want to prepare a big dinner for your friends or families (more than 5 people), I suggest you choose high capacity foil pot. You need big pot to cook chicken or beef, and a plenty of rice is also necessary. So size from 5000 to 10000 ml is a great choice.

Secondly, which size is better for only 2-3 people, 2000-5000 ml will be proper. For 1 or 2 people, 750-1000 ml is enough.

Certainly, the quality issues are can not be ignored. As a food packing, material is vital, when you purchase foil pot, please notice whether they have ROHS, SGS, ISO or not, it is a good way to choose a high-quality foil pot.

These are the tips I want to share with you in this blog. Welcome to leave a message for discussion, thank you for reading.

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