Ducati launches foldable magnesium frame electric bicycle

Author: Shang Mei
Urban tourism has always been a hot topic, and the development trend of sustainable transportation is also expanding. In order to work hard to meet new market demands, Ducati Italy signed a license agreement with MTDistribution. This cooperation will involve the development and distribution of different models including folding electric bicycles and electric scooters.
Through this cooperation, Ducati launched the MG-20 model, a foldable electric bicycle with a magnesium frame, which will be produced under the license of MTDistribution.
MG-20 is designed for the city. Because its frame, forks and wheels are made entirely of magnesium, it is more flexible and lighter on the road. Lightweight magnesium material provides the best performance without compromising impact resistance. The use of die-casting technology ensures fluid and aerodynamic lines and shapes. With a unique design, it reflects the sporty characteristics of Ducati products.
Foldability is achieved through small wheels (20 inches in diameter and 2155 inches in width). The wheels use magnesium hubs. At the same time, the easy-folding structure of electric bicycles and pedals are used. This means that the MG-20 occupies the least space and reflects high flexibility, allowing users to combine public and private transportation.
The MG-20 is equipped with a 250W rear-mounted motor that can identify road conditions. Combined with a 36V 10.5 Ah 378Wh Samsung battery, users can drive 50 kilometers at a maximum speed of 25km/h in accordance with regulations. The battery is integrated in the frame and can be extracted and charged.
MG-20 controls the main functions through the waterproof LCD display, such as turning on the lights and selecting between three speeds (12-18-25km/h). The front LED lights and reflective strips on the wheels ensure safety during night driving.
After July 2021, MG-20 can be purchased from dealers, Ducati online stores, specialized consumer electronics stores and major online stores.
Ducati was founded in 1926 and is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer headquartered in Bologna, Italy. Its products are famous for their excellent performance and Italian design.

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