China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology jointly launched non-ferrous metal industry research activities in Shangrao

The non-ferrous metal industry, as an industry in the “2+6+N” industry in Jiangxi Province, is highly valued by the provincial party committee and the provincial government, and the non-ferrous metal industry must be built into a trillion-level industry. To this end, the Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences specially organized the “Non-Ferrous Metal Industry” task group, as a major provincial research topic, and the China Non-Ferrous Metal Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch to conduct research.

Wang Jian, Vice President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, Jiang Jinfa, President of Jiangxi Academy of Social Sciences, Fu Yuhui, Director of Nonferrous Industry Division of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Wang Jiwei, Vice President and Secretary General of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch, etc. The delegation conducted on-site investigations on Jiangxi Strontium Copper Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Jinye Big Copper Technology Co., Ltd. and Yizhou Big Data Industrial Park in Shangrao City on July 16, and participated in a special symposium on the development of non-ferrous metal industry in Shangrao City. meeting. Hu Jianfei, Mayor of Shangrao City, presided over the forum. Zhang Xiaolong, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Shangrao Industry and Information Bureau, gave a detailed report on the development of the non-ferrous metal industry in Shangrao City. There are many non-ferrous metal companies in Shangrao City, which are widely distributed, and have formed a non-ferrous metal processing industry belt based on the industrial development zone. The main source of taxation in the city. The industrial chain is mainly divided into three parts: upstream raw materials, midstream metal smelting and casting processing, and downstream applications. The development level of industrial chain agglomeration is not high. Most of the projects are rough processing of midstream raw materials, and the added value of products and input-output efficiency are not high. The next step will be to carry out in-depth technological transformation, upgrade the technical level, adapt to the development requirements of the new era, develop extended chain products, promote green smart manufacturing models, and solve financing problems. By the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, build a domestically influential non-ferrous metal Processing base, non-ferrous metal waste resource recycling demonstration zone.

President Jiang Jin pointed out that this investigation is very important. The non-ferrous metal industry is the governor of Shangrao. It is an industry in Shangrao. It must be planned at the municipal level and incorporated into the overall planning of the province and the country. The next step is to do in-depth research and go to the company to understand the situation.

Vice Chairman Wang Jian pointed out that Shangrao’s non-ferrous metal industry has a good foundation and a large scale, but it is in urgent need of improvement in terms of industrial level and product structure, and lacks industry. It is necessary to control resources, build a recycling center for domestic recycled copper, and focus on processing. According to planning guidance, more talents and forward-looking entrepreneurs should be introduced; a scientific and reasonable industrial plan should be formulated, and the copper industry should be used as raw material In terms of guarantees, the industry will be laid out in accordance with the requirements of the industry chain, and the upstream and downstream industries will be closely connected.

Vice Mayor Hu Jianfei pointed out that the non-ferrous metal industry is Shangrao’s leading industry. The city has made a systematic plan to control blister copper smelting and develop deep processing with the help of dual-carbon opportunities. Shangrao has no primary smelting, and it is basically a recycled copper enterprise. The combination of intensive processing and back-end applications has continuously strengthened cooperation with leading enterprises and developed into the industrial chain. It is necessary to incorporate Shangrao’s ideas into the national development plan, accelerate the elimination of outdated production capacity, realize development, improve the level of industrial technology, transform from bigger to better and stronger, increase investment in science and technology, conduct technological research and development, and create a core competitiveness For the recycled copper industry, the technical level must reach the level of the industry. In terms of investment promotion, according to the list, investment promotion will be carried out for the entire industry chain.

Guangxin District of Shangrao City, Development and Reform Commission, Finance Bureau, Natural Resources Bureau, Ecological Environment Bureau, Shangrao Customs, City Social Association, and City Digital Investment made speeches on the survey content. Dong Lihua, Deputy Secretary-General of Shangrao Municipal Government, attended the symposium, Jiang Saiqing, Deputy Director of the Non-ferrous Industry Division of Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Associate Researcher Jiang Xiaoyu, and Associate Researcher Sheng Fangfu, China Non-Ferrous Metals Industry Association, Liu Wei, Vice President of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Recycling Metal Branch, Deputy Secretary-General Meng Yuehui, jointly participated in this research seminar.

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