Ceramic aluminum new materials and aluminum-based materials industry cooperation matchmaking meeting was held in Bengbu

On the afternoon of July 16, the Matchmaking Meeting of Tao Aluminum New Materials and Aluminum-based Materials Industry Cooperation was held in Bengbu City. Municipal Standing Committee Member and Executive Deputy Mayor Zhou Tianwei attended and delivered a speech.

Zhou Tianwei pointed out that the Huaibei Municipal Party Committee and the municipal government are seizing the national strategic opportunities of the “One Belt and One Road”, the rise of the central region, the Yangtze River Economic Belt, and the Yangtze River Delta. “Multi-chain coordination” of industrial chain, supply chain, innovation chain, capital chain, talent chain, and policy chain will promote industrial transformation and upgrading. Ceramic aluminum new materials and aluminum-based metal materials, as the pillar industries of the “five groups and ten chains”, have entered the development stage of continuous expansion and gradual improvement in benefits. In 2020, the ceramic aluminum new material and aluminum-based metal material base will be approved as a provincial-level major emerging industry base. In the next step, Huaibei will actively promote the downstream extension of new aluminum-based materials and equipment manufacturing aluminum alloy new materials, and accelerate the use of ceramic aluminum new materials in aerospace, military weapons, key automotive parts and automotive lightweight, rail transit, electronic equipment and other fields The R&D and industrial application of the company are striving to build a tens of billions of industrial clusters.

At the matchmaking meeting, Anhui Taolu New Power Technology Co., Ltd. made a report on “Application of Ceramic Aluminum Materials for National VI Pistons”; Anhui Xiangteng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. made a report on “Application of Lightweight Profiles in Vehicles” ; Anhui Xiangtai Automobile Chassis Parts Co., Ltd. made a report on “The Application of Ceramic Aluminum Materials in Passenger Car Chassis”; Suixi Economic Development Zone introduced the development of aluminum-based materials in Suixi County, and the guests exchanged speeches around the theme.

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