Funds increase their holdings in the non-ferrous metal industry in the second quarter

Author: Huali In the second quarter of this year, public funds increased their holdings in the non-ferrous metals industry, and the non-ferrous metals industry’s stock market value accounted for 1.68% of the stock investment market value. According to the 2021 semi-annual report of public offering funds, the author counted 5193 active equity funds in the … Read more

Lead consumption is difficult to improve, the supply is up, and high inventories are still unresolved

Author: Zheng Qiongxiang In July, the domestic lead supply and demand pattern continued to weaken, and consumption began to slightly improve seasonally. However, the start of secondary lead production accelerated to resume its upward trend, and the start of primary lead production rose steadily. The domestic lead ingot inventory continued to rise and exceeded the … Read more

China Railway Resources helped "Spring Seed Operation" successfully landed in Congo (DRC)

Author: Qiu Mengsong Chen Tiantian At 9:00 am on July 28th, Congo (DRC) time, Chinese Ambassador to Congo (DRC) Zhu Jing announced that the “Spring Miao Operation” to vaccinate overseas Chinese citizens with the Chinese new crown vaccine was officially launched in Congo (DRC), with more than 300 people on the same day Chinese citizens … Read more

The overall domestic and foreign demand is good, Shanghai Nickel maintains strong operation for a long time

Author: Wang Zhiqiang   Since the beginning of this year, the overall domestic nickel in Shanghai has been in a strong and volatile trend, and it has approached the highest level in history. On the one hand, the increase in nickel prices in Shanghai is due to the fact that downstream stainless steel maintains high … Read more

Terminal consumption is ready to force copper prices continue to fluctuate widely

Author: Fan Rui In July, the price of copper continued to fluctuate at a low level since the end of June, and the price of copper continued to oscillate around the 5-day moving average. The market performed more cautiously. From the perspective of market performance, LME copper is weaker than Shanghai copper, and copper prices … Read more

Brazil initiates the third anti-dumping sunset review investigation against Chinese magnesium particles

Author: Ministry of Commerce On July 21, the Brazilian Foreign Trade Secretariat issued Announcement No. 48 of 2021 in the Federal Government Gazette, stating that, in response to the application submitted by the Brazilian domestic company Rima Industrial SA on March 21, 2021, the content of magnesium originating in China is ≥90. %. Magnesium particles … Read more

Ducati launches foldable magnesium frame electric bicycle

Author: Shang Mei Urban tourism has always been a hot topic, and the development trend of sustainable transportation is also expanding. In order to work hard to meet new market demands, Ducati Italy signed a license agreement with MTDistribution. This cooperation will involve the development and distribution of different models including folding electric bicycles and … Read more

The carbon emission reduction road of multinational aluminum companies

Author: Lang Shitong Kenlian Aluminum Kenlian Aluminum is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality, high-value-added aluminum products and their solutions. The products are mainly used in the aerospace, automotive, construction, and packaging markets. Improving energy efficiency is the core of Connaught’s carbon footprint limitation. For this reason, Connaught is taking various measures to improve energy … Read more