BBQ Use Aluminum Foil Roasting Pan

Last blog we talked about aluminum foil containers in bakery. And now we will share some popular size of foil pan in the barbecue.

Summer is coming, there will be a lot numbers of barbecue booth on the street in China.

So what’s your favorite food in BBQ?

What is the food you order each time in BBQ?

Meat or vegetable, which one do you like best? Last time I had BBQ with my friends, I ordered a lot of vegetables such as broccoli, eggplant, flammulina, chives and so on. My friends was so surprised that why I like vegetables in BBQ. Because they always have some proper street kebabs in BBQ, sometimes order a pot of spicy crayfish served with a cool beer. This is just delicious!

OK, let’s see some hot style aluminum foil pan in BBQ.

First, Aluminum BBQ Drip Pan. Best tool for baking Chicken wings. Chicken wings is a kind of food difficult to cook because of its thicker meat. Therefore, we will use a lot oil to cook them, it can filter out excess grease for long baking.

Second, Full Size Foil Steam Table Pan. As for some larger food, we need big capacity foil food tray to roast and boil it. For instance, fish. Grilled fish is a delicious dish that my family often order when we go out.

Due to its large size, and we like to add some side dishes like potatoes, rice cake, and Chiba tofu. Thus we have to prepare a large pan if we cook it in BBQ by ourselves.

Full size foil pan has another strong point that you do not have to buy a professional barbecue, you could buy a simple iron shelf as picture on the left side.

Third, Aluminum Foil Half Size BBQ Pan. Speaking of full size foil pan, it is necessary to mention half size foil pan as well.

Obviously, half size foil pan has half capacity compared to full size. So we can put two half size foil pan on the iron shelf, and cook two different kinds of food at the same time.

Fourth, If you have extra foil cups, you can fill some oil, peppr and cumin powder when you are barbecue. Because of disposable materials, we can clean quickly after activity.

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