Baise City Government Held a Symposium on Promoting the Development of Ecological Aluminum Industry

On the afternoon of July 30, the Baise Municipal Government held a symposium on promoting the development of the ecological aluminum industry in Baise, listening to the opinions and suggestions of relevant companies on promoting the development of the ecological aluminum industry, analyzing the opportunities and challenges faced by the development of the city’s aluminum industry, and studying the promotion of aluminum The industry continues and develops. Mayor Ge Guoke attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, the Municipal Aluminum Industry Association reported on the relevant work. Chinalco Guangxi Branch, Geely Baimin Group Co., Ltd., Guangxi Huayin Aluminum Co., Ltd., Guangxi Xinfa Aluminum Power Co., Ltd., Jingxi Tiangui Aluminum Co., Ltd., Relevant persons in charge of enterprises such as Guangxi Ping Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. and Guangxi Baise Electric Power Co., Ltd. spoke freely, and successively put forward opinions and suggestions on issues such as industrial transformation and upgrading, energy security, transportation and logistics, and land resource security.

Ge Guoke pointed out that Baise is an ecological aluminum industry demonstration base. Baise aluminum industry is an important pole of Guangxi’s 100 billion yuan industrial cluster and the pillar of Baise’s economy. In recent years, in the face of the adjustment of the national policy environment, the Baise aluminum industry has faced increasing problems such as continuous increase in energy consumption “dual control”, insufficient resource carrying capacity, and weak industrial competitiveness. The Baise aluminum industry has reached the critical moment of “forcing transformation and upgrading”. It is unswervingly strengthening, replenishing the chain, gathering clusters, strengthening innovation, cultivating brands, expanding markets, lengthening the industrial chain, strengthening and deep processing, and accelerating Intelligent and green transformation and upgrading.

Ge Guoke emphasized that relevant departments and related enterprises at all levels must effectively enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency for transformation and upgrading, accelerate industrial innovation, adhere to the concept of “front-end focus, intermediate coordination, and back-end transformation”, and form a development that meets the requirements of the development trend of Baise aluminum industry. R&D innovation system. It is necessary to vigorously promote chain supplementation and chain extension, actively develop aluminum precision and deep processing, explore the development of new aluminum-based materials, vigorously develop aluminum terminal consumer products, accelerate the construction of secondary aluminum bases and intelligent transformation of the aluminum industry, and increase the strength of brand building in the aluminum industry. Established the regional brand of Baise Aluminum Industry and launched the “Baise Aluminum” brand. It is necessary to strengthen the unified allocation of resources and the overall distribution management of mineral resources, land, energy, energy consumption indicators and other elements, optimize the entire chain of investment promotion, promote the implementation of a number of projects with agglomeration effect, and form a strong industrial cluster.

Ge Guoke hopes that the aluminum industry enterprises in the city will strengthen their confidence in development, thoroughly implement the decisions and deployments of the central, autonomous region, and municipal party committees and governments, give full play to their own capabilities and advantages, and take the initiative to accelerate development. Ge Guoke requested that relevant departments at all levels should stand on the height of industrial revitalization in the district, stand on the perspective of optimizing the business environment of Baise, take the initiative to play their roles, study and coordinate solutions to the problems raised by enterprises, and serve the development of the city’s aluminum industry. .

Vice Mayor Peng Bin presided over the meeting. Zhou Min, the captain of the Guangxi Industrial Revitalization Task Force in Baise City, and Tao Guoming, a member of the municipal government party group, attended the meeting.

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