Announcement of the National Material Reserve Regulation Center on the release of the second batch of national reserve aluminum in 2021

According to the 2021 Announcement No. 2 of the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves, it is decided to start the second batch of national reserve aluminum in 2021 in the near future. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:
1. The basic situation of the goods sold (1) The product sold is aluminum;
(2) The total sales volume of the second batch is 90,000 tons;
(3) For details of the resources of sales goods, please refer to the “Reserve Aluminium Investment Resource Table (Second Batch)” (Annex 1).
2. Sales method (1) This sale will conduct public bidding through China Weapon Electronic Bidding Platform (Sunshine Qicai)
(2) The bidding activities shall be carried out in accordance with the “Regulations for Open Bidding and Sales of Reserve Aluminum” (Annex 2).
3. Bidder qualification requires bidders to fully consider their own funds and other strengths, actively and steadily participate in transactions, and beware of blind participation. The bidder shall meet the following requirements:
(1) Enterprises registered in the territory of the People’s Republic of China before the end of 2019 with independent legal personality;
(2) Related enterprises engaged in aluminum processing and manufacturing;
(3) Promise to operate in good faith and have no record of major violations in the past three years; the purchased goods shall be used in production in a timely manner, shall not be resold or hoarded, and shall be subject to supervision and inspection by relevant departments;
(4) The number of group companies and their affiliated companies is limited to one;
(5) Affiliated enterprises of the platform operator China Ordnance Materials Group Co., Ltd. shall not sign up for this auction;
For the purpose of this auction, the identification standards of affiliated companies:
1. The total shares of one of the parties directly or indirectly held by each other reaches 50% or more;
2. Directly or indirectly control the shares of a third party reaching 50% or more;
3. More than half of the company’s directors or managers, or one of its executive directors, is appointed by another company.
(6) The bidder shall fully understand and be aware of the relevant provisions of the “Regulations on Open Auction Sales of Reserve Aluminum” before the start of the auction, and agree to abide by it.
4. Margin must be paid to participate in bidding activities, and the deposit is collected and managed by the electronic bidding platform.
5. Time sequence (1) Announcement and registration review (July 21 to 26)
Bidders should log in to the e-bidding platform to complete registration and registration before 16:00 on July 23, and apply for a digital certificate on the bidding platform after being reviewed and approved by the National Material Reserves Adjustment Center; if they fail the qualification review, they can do so by 12:00 on the 26th Supplementary submission of relevant materials, but still has not passed the qualification review, can not participate in this auction.
Companies that have participated in the previous national reserve sales bidding activities and completed platform registration can directly enter the national reserve material bidding sales area to register.
(2) Confirm the qualification to see the goods (before July 26)
Bidders who complete the deposit recharge before 16:00 on July 26 are eligible for on-site inspection, and the recharge amount is at least 25,000 yuan. Bidders contact the reserve warehouse to check the goods on their own. For the address and contact information of the reserve warehouse, see Annex 3.
(3) Intensive on-site inspections (July 27 to July 28)
The bidder shall show the copy of the company’s business license, authorization letter and his/her ID card to the staff of the reserve warehouse (all the above documents must be stamped with the official seal), and after verification by the staff of the warehouse, they will orderly inspect the goods in accordance with the requirements of the staff.
For the quality of the goods, refer to the “Reserve Aluminum Resources List (Second Batch)”. The appearance, quality and composition of the goods may change during the storage period, and the bidder should conduct an on-site inspection. If it is confirmed to participate in the bidding, it is deemed to have fully grasped and accepted the quality of the goods.
(4) Simulated bidding (July 27)
Bidders can log on to the e-bidding platform from 9:00 to 11:00 on July 27 to participate in simulated bidding and be familiar with bidding rules and platform operations.
(5) Open auction (July 29)
The bidding period is 9:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00 of the day. If there are special circumstances that need to change the time or stop the bidding, further notice will be given.
(6) Signing a sales contract. The buyer shall sign a sales contract in the form of a data message with the adjustment center through the electronic bidding platform within 2 working days after the end of the bidding.
VI. Model contract See Annex 4 for the model sales contract.
7. Contact person and contact information Wang Ranran, 010-63908130; Wang Ya, 010-63908041.
8. Other requirements prohibit state personnel from illegally interfering in bidding activities in any way.

National Material Reserve Adjustment Center July 21, 2021

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