Analysis of the impact of heavy rainfall in Henan on the production of local alumina enterprises

Affected by heavy rainfall in Henan Province this week, the Henan Provincial Water Resources Department upgraded the flood and drought disaster prevention level II emergency response to the I level emergency response in the early morning of the 21st.
This one-time disaster also affected alumina companies in Henan to varying degrees, and local alumina companies have taken corresponding emergency response measures in a timely manner. According to investigations, the heavy rainfall in Zhengzhou is severe, and two local alumina companies have ceased production. One of them was forced to suspend production due to insufficient ore supply at the beginning of July. The other was affected by heavy rainfall and the power supply system of the red mud dam failed. The company has stopped feeding. In addition, the heavy rainfall has little impact on the production of local alumina companies in the Three Gorges Gate, Jiaozuo, Luoyang, etc., but the current traffic and fire transportation in Henan are blocked, which will affect the raw material supply and cargo transportation of local alumina companies in the short term.
The investigation revealed that the overall inventory of ore raw materials of alumina companies in the northern region has become tight. With heavy rainfall, some local mines in Henan cannot be normally mined. If the problem of blocked automobile and fire transportation cannot be alleviated in the short term, then the local area will be partially oxidized. Aluminum plants will further expand the scale of production reduction due to insufficient ore reserves.

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